Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Digital Marketing, better known as 'online marketing', 'internet marketing' or 'web marketing' has been gaining prominence across the globe and more and more consumers are using the Internet to make shopping decisions and trading online. This field has witnessed a revolutionary growth across the globe and even the government in some countries like India has been promoting it. Most business establishments whether big or small now acknowledge the benefits that E-Commerce and have gone Online via Internet and business over Mobile Phones. While this trading channel has helped both traders and customers immensely at the same time there has been a cut throat competition and customers are left with a wide array of choices to make.

We assist the business in setting up a Website / Analysing the existing website with an objective to make it NOT JUST UP, RUNNING and VISIBLE but to enhance it in such a way that it is attracted by popular Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista so that more and more prospective customers access your Website and access your product and services by popular keywords. In a layman’s term it involves applying various SEO Optimising techniques to make your website stand distinct from competitors and becomes Search Engine friendly with high rankings on top keywords that the end user usually keys in any popular search engine.

*** Local SEO implies adopting SEO Strategies for clients having Physical Location or those who wish to focus only in specific region, whereas Global SEO strategies for those who are having online presence across geographies and wish to trade boundless.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a revolutionary platform which collect & analyse your website visitors and provides you a host lot of information which helps you take key business decisions related to Source, demographics & behaviour of your visitor. Based on the available information, you can perform an in depth analysis of your website and marketing strategies on various scenarios like the one below:-

  • Region (Geography), Source (PC or Smartphone) from where max & min business is coming
  • Audience demography – Gender, Age, Referral source who visit you Max
  • Behaviour – interest and choice based on user actions. Pages most hit, Pages most bounced.
  • Conversions – desired action from user (sold)
  • Marketing and Advertising strategy – One you get the crux of your target audiences and business dynamics, you are in a better position to re-strategize your Advertisement, marketing channels and budget to come up with most comprehensive and focussed business strategy to increase ROI

Google Web Analytics is a free tool which can easily be configured to your website and host lot of analytical reports can be extracted which helps you on reviewing your business and strategies on an ongoing basis.



Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The Current Era belongs to Social Networking and for more than 80% of the Global population it has become a norm to be associated and connected through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, popular blogging sites and the list is endless. This powerful channel allows individuals, businesses and other communities to communicate and build relationship. It’s not only about staying in touch, but fast becoming marketing and propaganda tool as well. The Social Media tool has a mega outreach across the globe and is accessible to Billions! Various business have agreed, acknowledged and implemented the use of Social Media into their marketing strategies.

We assist the business in making full use of the various Social Media channel to publicize your products and services, to analyse the trends and fashions by taking the pulse of the masses which is expressed and exchanged widely which will further help you adopt to streamline your business in line with the society trend. Results – Further outreach of business, exposure of your products and services to unknown and far furlong potential customers and assistance in taking informed & strategic decision.


Professional Content Management

Gone are the days when websites mostly described their products and services in plain English and Technical/Domain term and as the time evolved, Creative and Innovative contents on the Web Page have become one of the key enablers which not only helps site crawl top on Search Engines but also able to compel and influence the readers and has ability to help make decisions. An impressive content is artistic, contagious, inspiring, though provoking, should describe the subject well and requires great deal of creative skills and in-depth knowledge of the product/Industry/Domain to write a most appealing content for the business. These days the latest trends include usage of videos, snippets, flash files, Animated GIF and much more.

We assist the business in drafting original, artistic, accurate, grammatically correct content which reflects the voice and authority of your products and services.


Link Building

Links are the Highways through which the Search Engine crawls and looks at your site content and adds it to its Index. When the popular search engines are deciding this, they do not just look at the content of the page; they also look at the number of links pointing to that page from external websites (Read other popular websites). The more high-quality websites (Popular) that link to you, the more likely you are to rank well in search results. There are some mathematical Algorithm that's been used by these search engines and the challenge for SEO analyst is to adopt a strategy so that your page appears favorably with a better ranking.

We assist the business to obtain and maintain several high-value links coming into your website with the goal of securing a better position in the major search engines. Results – More and more relevant customers will be able to reach your website and better search engine ranking.

SEO Catalog - Activities in Scope

Optimisation Goal
        Key-phrase To Be Optimized
        In-depth Site Analysis
        Initial Rank Report
        Competition Analysis
        Duplicate Content Analysis
        Backlinks Analysis
        Penalty (if any) Check
        Keyword Research
        Page Load Optimization
        HTML Code Cleanup
        Header Tags Optimization
        Internal link structuring & optimization
        Image & Hyperlink Optimization
        Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
HTML & XML Sitemap
        Webmaster Tools
        Google Analytics Initial setup
Off Page Optimisation / Content Marketing
Inbound and Outbound Linking Strategy
        Blog Submission
        Social Bookmarking
        Blog Setup
        Guest Blog Posting (Periodic)
        Social Bookmarking (Periodic)
        Press Release Social sharing
        Blog Commenting (Periodic)
        Google+ Account Setup
        Facebook & Twitter Account Setup
        Profile Content Writing
        Facebook Wall Updates
        Google+ Page Updates
        Search Engine Rank Report
        Trend Analysis
        Customised SEO Reports
        Google Analytics Report
        Activity Report
        Monthly Action Plan - For Long term Engagements

Estimated cost - Ballpark

Upto 10 Keywords   -> 10000/$ 200/€ 250 Per Month

Upto 20 Keywords   ->  15000/$ 250/€ 300 Per Month

20 Plus Keywords    -> Call for Price



  • Keywords Selection Process Criteria
    • 30% High Competitive Key-phrases
    • 40% Medium Competitive Key-phrases
    • 30% Low Competitive Key-phrases
  • Minimum Contract Period required will be 6 months
  • Joint Keyword identification with Business
  • Joint Efforts in Content Drafting