When it comes to adopting Digital Marketing strategy by Small & Medium Business, there is a need for careful thought process based on the available options SEO and PPC against a few critical parameters.

At First lets understand in Layman's term on what SEO & PPC stand for !!!!!!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about enhancing your web site using tools and techniques to make it Search Engine friendly. Your site is tuned and optimized in such a manner that it appears on top in key search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Altavista, Bing etc.

Pay Per click (PPC) on other hand simply denotes paid search marketing. An advertisement is placed on other popular website and in case if the prospective user clicks on the advertisement, he is directed to your site instantly and you are charged for the click.

Now how do you decide on which method is best suited for your business? The critical Parameters are :-

Cost - PPC is suitable if budget is not a constraint whereas SEO is relatively inexpensive compared to PPC as most activities in an SEO campaign you are trying for Organic (natural) visitors without spending cost other than SEO Campaign cost lasting 4-6 months.

Time frame - If time is the constraint then PPC is the first choice whereas SEO is a Hare who will beat PPC Rabbit in the long run which may take 4 to 6 months to materialize

Efforts - In terms of Efforts PPC requires constant monitoring and testing whereas SEO activities are mostly maintenance keeping a watch on changing algorithms, content and social media addition.

Search Engine Friendly - PPC works irrespective of the change and upgrades periodically done by Google, whereas, with every change, for instance if Google change an algorithm, the SEO requires rework.

Competition - Both PPC and SEO have certain degree of competition involved. In PPC you bid and the lowest bidder wins, however, in SEO for coming top for a particular category of keywords there is a cut throat competition.

Reliability of Results - PPC brings paid customers whereas SEO brings Organic Free customers and are could prove to be more reliable.

Coverage - PPC offers advantage in terms of focusing on subject, region, brand whereas SEO is more generic in that approach more like surfing in an ocean.

The above factors are determinants of an effective Digital Marketing strategy and larger organisations can have a mix of both SEO and PPC for best results.

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