Who Are We

A bunch of enthusiastic and creative minds, who have, in the past rendered our services to numerous Local & international customers of top IT Multinational companies in India. We aspire to be start a new innings of being an entrepreneur to harness our creativity by virtue of our vast diverse experience clubbed with latest methods and tools to cater Regional & International clients as enablers into the field of Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Nethra Rajesh

A Certified Google Analyst and MBA in IT, Nethra has rich experience of over 10 years in the field of Digital Marketing and has in the past worked for Reputed Digital Marketing companies in Bangalore and Pune. While working for these organisations, one of which was a Pioneer in SEO, she got an opportunity to work with numerous UK and US clients on various domains, analysing their Websites, providing solutions and helping them expand their business using SEO Solutions. Most of the clients were immensely benefited with measurable ROI which included Enhanced Web Traffic, conversions, thereby resulting in business growth and revenue Surge.


Rajesh Shankar

Rajesh has a rich experience of over 20 years in the field of Software Quality Assurance and Software Test/Program Management and over the Years has been working with Top IT MNC,s having played the Role of Manager/Consultant and has managed Local and International Projects of various complexities and domains across geography. He has also been into IT Process Consulting and Auditing and have expertise in CMMI, ISO and various other Models/Standards. An MBA in IT from ICFAI, he is aspiring to setup a business of his own leveraging the vast experience he has gained over these years.

Our Mission

We wish to have a holistic business partnership with our prospective customers (rather than a traditional client vendor relationship) and offer the following services:-

  • To leverage our expertise clubbed with the latest emerging trends and tools in the field of Digital Marketing by rendering various SEO services, Social Media, Link Building, Professional Content Writing, Customized reporting using Google Analytics and numerous other betterment methods to enhance and widen business horizon thereby increasing business volume and ROI.
  • To provide reliable, transparent, customized and affordable services to all types of business establishments both Regional SEO and Global SEO***.
  • Our Business differentiator  (USP) is to work closely with prospective clients as extended partner to analyse their business, provide optimal solution
  • Provide continuous feedback/customised reporting and to appraise clients on the Industry Trends and competitor Analysis.
  • We shall continuously update and train ourselves with the latest trends and techniques in the field of Digital Marketing and apply them in our business to enhance customer satisfaction.